Biogarden 1:1:10


The 10' Biogarden is ideal for homeowners, schools and small space gardens. It can be used to grow deep water culture, or aggregate beds. Deep water culture plants, such as basil and lettuces can be grown on stationary trays that are placed in the trough. When the Biogarden Trickle Valve is set to allow water levels to rise and fall with each cycle, aeration takes place naturally, without mechanical aeration. This is very practical for growing fast producing leafy green crops. 

Alternately when using aggregate-media, longer cycle plants can be grown such as tomatoes, eggplants, peppers and kale. The aggregate beds are nice because they accommodate a host of plant beneficial microorganisms which live in the aggregate and feed on the organic fertilizers used with bioponics, and they feed on the nutrients from fish waste if using a pure aquaponics approach. 

Either deep water culture or aggregate media beds can be used with the 10' Biogarden. Both systems are very productive and lots of fun!

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