Biogarden 2:0:40 40' Single Level, Dual Beds


The Biogarden 40’ 2:0 is a 40’ long, 2 level soilless growing system with a dual grow beds and a moveable tank.

The grow bed receives full sunlight when outdoors. The single 200 gallon tank is optional and positioned at one end. The configuration of 40’ dual grow bed is ideal for intensive plant production in a narrow space, or combined to form an array within a larger space.

This system is ideal for growing heavy feeding plants in full sun, including basil, kale, strawberries and medical marijuana. An optional shade canopy is put in place for hot sunny climates and for growing lettuces and microgreens.

It is also practical for growing algae, spirulina, duckweed and other aquatic plants using a deep water culture method.

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