Biogarden 2:2:40


The Biogarden 40’ 2:2 is a 40’ long soilless grow system with two sets of grow beds stacked vertically. The upper grow bed receives full light when outdoors, and the lower level is partially shaded below.

This is our most efficient grow module design. The configuration of two sets of 40’ dual grow beds stacked vertically allows for maximum space utilization within a commercial greenhouse.

Growers can expect up to 70% space utilization and still have sufficient room to work between rows and at both ends of a standard greenhouse. 

  • This system is designed for deep water raft culture. Our ebb and flow technique creates an air layer below the stationary rafts eliminateing the need for motorized aeration.
  • The full sun upper and part sun lower level is exceptional for growing lettuces, baby greens, microgreens, wheat grass, mint, water cress, basil and for germinating seeds. Natural sun improves plant growth.
  • The Biogarden may also be used for organic aquaculture, raising fish, fish fry, crawfish, water plants, spirulina and duckweed. 

Tanks options (sold separately):

  1. Moveable 200 gallon tanks under each end of the Biogarden,
  2. Buried 500-5000 gallon tanks with interconnected, automated flood and drain cycles.


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