Biofarmacy Cannabis Processing Facility

Cannabis Processing Facility

You pick the features, we build it to spec and ship it to your location

The Biofarmacy comes complete with cannabis extraction equipment hookup preparation room, and secure office product storage. The entire facility is built within one or more shipping containers and ready for quick setup.

Cannabis Extraction Equipment

The Biofarmacy improves the lead-time it takes to become operational with marijuana processing. While there is plenty of production and sales capacity in the budding industry, the marijuana processing is where the bottleneck is happening. That’s because the challenges processing operators face are great. The biggest challenge for marijuana companies that engage in processing and extraction is retrofitting an existing building to meet code. Bioponica’s engineers and designers will customize your facility in one or two 40′ shipping containers and get you up and operational quickly at a fraction of the cost. Big Plus your processing facility is transportable, should you wish to change locations.

  1. Bioponica assists growers who wish to get a processing facility up, operational and permitted in a hurry.
  2. Our engineers and building designers specialize in addressing details that are specific to the restrictions and provisions that vary from state to state.
  3. The Biofarmacy processing facility supports various sources of equipment for supercritical CO2 extraction and BHO oils, isolates and waxes.
  4. A full kitchen and storage can be utilized for producing edibles, prepared foods and packaged marijuana medicinals.

Structure and Features of the Biofarmacy Cannabis Extraction Facility

Container options include       

  • Refurbished 40 ft high cube, dry shipping containers, previously used in ocean transport of goods.
  • 45 ft and 53 ft high cube shipping containers are also available. ‘High cube’ containers have the advantage of an 8 ft-10 inch internal height vs. the  Standard dry container height of 7 ft-9 inches that allows for larger processing equipment and added insulation space for all climate operation.

This modular, portable container Biofarmacy allows the operator to process cannabis into a PHO, BHO or CO2 extraction. The spaces are designed to house Apex, Waters or various other manufacturers or the customer’s proprietary systems.  In addition the container can be set up for pressing and extraction of oils from hemp and cannabis seeds.

The shipping container is delivered by flat-bed truck to the site and depending upon structural requirements for the location the container is either slid on to a flat concrete slab or lifted by crane to a raised concrete foundation. Final attachment to the foundation is also pre-designed and fabricated by Bioponica to match specific site requirements for the operating weight of the outfitted, wind and any seismic conditions.

Let our Professional Engineers, experienced designers and fabricator design to accommodate your particular equipment, county or municipality, for ease of operation, safety and permitting.  

Typical Biofarmacy Construction Utilizing 40 ft High Cube IBC

This basic Biofarmacy design consists of a high quality, used 40 ft High Cube IBC metal shipping container that has is modified into three work spaces.  Prior to wall construction a seamless vapor barrier is applied to all walls and ceiling to minimize air leakage and condensation. All partition walls and ceilings are constructed with 2 x 4 studs securely fastened to the container floor and ceiling base plates that are insulated to minimize thermal bridging from the typically hot or cold container metal walls. The walls are typically insulated to R-13 and the ceiling section to R-30 and if required the floor can be insulated to R- 13 or higher. All stud walls and ceilings are sheeted with FRP covered plywood to allow regular cleaning and compliance with local and industry health and hygiene codes. All seams are sealed to prevent water migration during cleaning. The existing wood floor has been cleaned and covered with seamless high impact resistant vinyl flooring. Application of a 1/8” thick steel sheets welded seamlessly cover the  existing wood floors to minimize any liquid or vapor migration from the interior or exterior environment. The metal is covered with seamless vinyl or a liquid applied non-skid and hygienic floor system.

The electrical and plumbing systems are designed to match the customer’s equipment selection and these are typically installed at our fabrication facility and prior to installation of insulation and final wall covering. Exterior liquid collection tanks with transfer pumps can be added for recovery or off-site disposal of the facility processing liquids.

Bioponica will design the foundations and mounting devices to meet site-specific International, State and local design codes for wind, snow and seismic loadings particular to the specific site.

  1. Room 1 - Raw Material Processing. Finished dimensions are: 7 ft wide x 7 ft long x 8 ft-5 inch ceiling height. Room 1 is a partitioned room for cleaning, weighing and preparing the raw materials for extraction. The room is outfitted with dual stainless steel sinks, weighing equipment, tools and a product table with large capacity stainless steel grinder for raw material size reduction.
  2. Room 2 - Product Extraction. Finished dimensions are: 7 ft wide x 24 ft long x 8 ft-5 inch ceiling height. A partitioned room for extraction of essential chemical components from the cleaned and weighed raw material. The room is outfitted with stainless steel sink, work tables, weighing equipment, tools and CO2 gas cylinder storage. A portable filtered-air fume hood can be provided that will allow the operator to filter off-gases from extraction without the need for expensive exterior air treatment systems. The customer can outfit this room with the customer’s choice of various extraction systems in the market place to meet specific product specifications and capital cost budget. Extraction Equipment manufactured by Waters. Apex and numerous others can be accommodated. Customizations also available to support specific structural, electrical, fire prevention, HVAC and plumbing requirements.
  3. Room 3 - Office and Secure Product Storage. Finished dimensions are: 7 ft wide x 7 ft long x 8 ft-5 inch ceiling height. A partitioned room for secure product inventory and storage. The room can be furnished with office desk, chairs, secure and lockable metal storage files and metal shelving.

Each room is provided with individual wall mounted HVAC units for optimum temperature and humidity control. In addition, Bioponica can design each room to meet site-specific federal, state and local security, ventilation and fire safety codes. Each room is provided with heavy duty metal doors with locks.

The exterior structure is provided with three heavy duty security type doors with covered locks to prevent unauthorized access. State-of the-art 24 hr continuous visual and vibration surveillance security systems are available for each room and the Biofarmacy exterior surroundings.

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