Primordial Soup Biomass Blends

Primordial Soup Biomass Blends

Primordial Soup Blends 'biomass organic matter' used for making liquid fertilizer

Within the Nutricycler or NPK Brewery, Primordial Soup Blends provide a starter mix for producing high quality high value NPK liquid fertilizers for hydroponics, aquaponics and soil based farming.

Ingredients include a range of organic materials derived from plants, microbes and animals.  The various blends includes organic alfalfa, clover, rye, legumes, cottonseed meal, bone meal, kelp, seed meal and feather meal, etc.   

The various blends provide specific PPM values of NPK when using the Nutricycler to meet growers needs.

*Primordial Soup Blends do not contain animal waste. Vegan blends are available in custom formulations.