Biofarm - NPK Brewery Liquid Fertilizer Making. 40' Container


The NPK Brewery is an organic liquid fertilizer making plant in a shipping container. It is designed and fabricated by Bioponica to growers seeking to produce a large volume of liquid plant fertilizer with NPK values that can be controlled for farming needs.

Options Include:

  • Series of 4, 240 gallon Nutricycler modules. 
  • Production of high NPK fertilizer from fresh biomass
  • Produces 1000-2400 gallons/month.
  • Nitrogen supplied by Primordial Soup yields - 2000 ppm/gallon
  • Customized nutrients blends for larger orders
  • Use with Bioponica blends or locally sourced biomass
  • Saves money, supplies organic, improves the environment
  • Improves plant nourishment with organic minerals, amino acids, vitamins, hormones and plant beneficial microbes.
  • Ideal for all soilless and in-ground farming
  • All materials convert to valuable end product. No waste.
  • Brewery is delivered to site via trailer for easy hookup and quick operation.

With organic liquid fertilizers, growers can save the costs of composting or purchasing organic soils and the labor of soil management and application.

The finished 'brew' can be high in organics (depending on blend and processing time). This gives growers the option of practicing no-till farming as the organics dissolved in the finished product replace the need to manually add compost and humus.  Organic plant and biomass derived nutrients feed the microbes enhancing the condition of the soil and the growth of the plant.

NPK Brewery - Custom design options:

Sample Model: NPK Brewery™ 4-240G is a commercial sized production facility, fabricated in the US and available to customers in the US and worldwide. The shipping container unit fertilizer making unit is configured for optimal production of liquid fertilizer utilizing an array of 300 gallon Nutricycler units integrated for optimized function. Features include temperature control, air filtration, packaging, storage and security, and other features required for permitting as needed.   

Developed for mid-sized farming operations the 4-240 Brewery yields over 2000 gallons of highly concentrated liquid fertilizer, monthly.

  • 8 x 40 Standard Metal Shipping Container-New
  • Stud walls, ceiling, runner plates, interior moisture barrier, insulation, moisture barrier, Hardie paneling, paint, plywood decking, reflective underlayment, 9300 Heat/Ac, 6400 BTU A/C
  • Two sets of double 3' side doors for module entrance and exit. With door hardware, bolts, hinges, serving windows, vinyl flooring
  • 4, 240 gallon Nutricyclers™ with pumps, aerators, piping, valves, interior plumbing and water supply (rainwater collection and hookups optional), platforms, automated biomass conveyor, storage bin, weigh scale, feed system for waste management, odor control for Nutricyclers™, waste containers, cleaning supplies.

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