Primordial Soup (Grow Tea) - 'Mineral Mix' Nutricycler Dry Blend 40lbs


This 40lb blend of organic biomass is developed for making liquid fertilizers with the Nutricycler. 

As with any biomass blend there is an inherent nutrient content, including NPK, nitrogen, phorphorus and potassium. There are multiple ways to turn a biomass into a liquid fertilizer with measureable NPK values as determined by their individual parts per million, or PPM within the solution.

We do not attempt to measure each batch of nutrient biomass blends. Instead, our blends are blended for the purpose of creating an extract that has fertilizer quality for use in a soilless system. To be classified as a fertilizer, the product must be registered or listed as having specific NPK values.

With processing, the Mineral blend will provide a high concentration of potassium, magnesium, calcium and other nacro and trace minerals but very little phosphorus and nitrogen. It will contain a plethora of other naturally occurring nutrients, vitamins, plant based hormones and minerals. Use this blend for feeding plants at in flowering stages of growth. 

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