Vortex Aerator 5G


Aeration and water conditioning through vortex forces contained within a 5 gallon bucket. 

The Vortex Aerator is designed to improve water conditions for fish ponds, water reservoirs and animal feed troughs. The benefits of the vortex are improved oxygenation, restructuring of water molecules and improved quality for growing plants and feeding animals. 

The Vortex Aerator™ 5G is a 5 gallon bucket kit that sits on top of the water to be treated. It is ideally suited for placement above 55 gallon drum or fish tank. A high velocity pump pushes water from the tank or reservoir into the vortex. With the same 'vortical' forces, rivers improve the quality of water through hyper aeration, decomposing and detoxifies. This benefits all that consume .

For hydroponics and aquaponics it provides aeration and continuous mixing of the nutrient rich water.

Viktor Schauberger pioneered the study of the river and the signficance of the vortex forces. Today it has wide acceptance in the industries of agriculture, water treatment, health and science.

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