About Us

Closing the Loop on Sustainable Farming

Bioponica has developed the Biogarden and a range of novel processes for growing plants and creating fertilizer as an innovative and sustainable alternative to other methods of soilless farming and organic nutrient supply to plants. Our process is called 'bioponics.'

The Biogarden was developed to facilitate the soilless method with its unique structure and function. We call it the 'Swiss Army Knife' of sustainable soilless farming as it may be used to operate in various important capacities, including

  1. As a row bed with tank for raising plants and fish,
  2. As an "NPK Brewery"it  provides growers with a means for extracting liquid plant fertilizer from biomass and,
  3. As a vermiculture farm and Worm Tea Brewery.

Additionally, the Biogarden...

Supports conventional hydroponics and aquaponics growers

Fish may be raised in the tanks below or use as storage and aeration tank for organic nutrients

Flood and drain, NFT nutrient film technique, deep water culture and aeroponic techniques may all be utilized in any one module

Aeration takes place without the need for mechanical bubblers

Each unit is avaiable in different sizes; from 4' to 40' and with two to three vertical level high

It is versatile, durable and suitable for outdoor unprotected growing

It is ideal for green leafy plants (lettuces, microgreens, wheat grass and herbs), as for heavy feeding plants (tomatoes, peppers, strawberries and melons) and even a wide range of flowers, perennials, fruit bearing bushes and vines, and even succulents.

When growing with bioponics, fish are optional and chemicals are never used. The Biogarden makes use of organic nutrients extracted from biomass without the headaches other systems have when attempting to use entirely organic nutrients. By operating Biogarden as a bioponic grow system, organic nutrients, consisting of higher concentrations of carbon, accommodates a living ecosystem. This living organism hosts common soil dominant microbes which perform as they do in the soil, consuming carbon and releasing inorganics that nourish the plants. As a host for living organisms of all sorts and the process of bioponics, there is no use for chemical fertilizers as predominantly used in hydroponics nor need for the mined mineral salts used with both hydroponics and aquaponics. The Biogarden is good for the grower, good for the consumer and great for the community!