Biofarm™, an integration of innovative technologies to conserve water and provide plant fertility and fish feed at a fraction of the cost of manufactured organic nutrients. Our first major installation is currently under way in a rural town south of Eugene, Oregon. It will demonstrate the following features.

Shipping container tiny home – 800 SF 2 bed/ 2 bath home made from re-purposed shipping containers. The modern structure, architected by an expert in container homes will be fabricated in an Oregon warehouse and delivered to the site, ready for occupancy. 

Biogarden® and greenhouse - 1050 sq ft of vertically stacked grow beds with tanks below and for the 40' beds, buried underground. Growing labor is reduced with soilless farming inside an controlled environment greenhouse. 

NPK Brewery™A facility for extracting liquid nutrients, utilizing Bioponica’s innovative method called ‘nutri-cycling’ for digesting, oxygenating and bio-filtering plant and fish food derived entirely from wet and dry, abundantly available biomass.

Priomordial Soup™ - Bioponica blends and processes dried biomasses efficiently to provide targeted levels of various macro and trace minerals. These minerals are used to feed liquid nutrients to fish, plant and rhizosphere microbes.

BioFarmacy™ - A processing facility designed to add value to the farm. In our Oregon project, the BioFarmacy™ will be a cleaning, blending, juicing, freezing and packaging facility with option for nutritious - wheat grass and herb - popsicle making.

Farm produce standA facility for selling and displaying products made onsite, ranging from bulk produce, seedlings, flowers, and herbs to smoothies, salads or juices. With proper permitting, our client in Oregon will be able to sell worm castings, casting teas, liquid fertilizer and organically raised fish.