What is Bioponics?

What is Bioponics?

1. Bioponics is soilless, utilizing one or more of the following techniques; FD -flood and drain or EF ebb and flow with media beds, NFT-nutrient film technique in trickling troughs, DWC-deep water culture on floating rafts and the ALT air layer technique on stationary rafts with EF ebbing and flowing water levels.

    2. Bioponics is 100% organic. No manufactured petro-chemical fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides.

    3. Bioponics is a fish optional farming technique. Fish live within an environment of liquid organic nutrients as with a fertile pond. They derive nutrients from dissolved solids of grasses and microbes. 

      'Bioponics' is a new technique of soilless farming pioneered at Bioponica. Similar but distinct from hydroponics and aquaponics. No chemicals are allowed, and raising fish is okay, but dependency on fish waste is an aquaponics approach, not bioponics.

        Here you'll find the Biogarden, our modular, versatile soilless growing systems for bioponic farming, and a range Nutricycler fertilizer making devices plus Primordial Soup nutrient blends for growers to create their own organic liquid fertilizers, on site, on demand, 24/7.