What is Nutricycling?

What is Nutricycling?


'Nutricycling' is the process of creating an organic liquid fertilizer from biomass using various phases of digestion to rapidly break down organic matter. Nutricycling includes

1. Anaerobic Decomposition
2. Biofiltration
3. Oxygenation
4. Aerobic Decomposition

Benefits to in-ground and to soilless hydroponics and aquaponics growers includes nutrient cost, organic certification possible, higher quality output and greater market value for product.

The Nutricycler is a liquid fertilizer making system. With it, operators can control the ratios of ammonia, nitrate and carbon in the finished liquid fertilizer. It is a mechanism to extract NPK and other naturally occurring plant growth factors from organic biomass, such as Bioponica's Primordial Soup Blends. 

The Nutricycler is also used to aerate, nourish and colonize plant beneficial microbes. Such vortex aerated teas are a primary means of getting nutrients from the root zone into the roots.  

In-ground farmers can replace labor intensive methods of composting and create liquid fertilizers to drench-nourish plants. Eliminate heavy soil management and half the battle is over! Turning soils and building compost is not necessary when we preform more permaculture methods such as nutricycling and bioponics. Dry composts are n unnecessary with soil is manages more efficiently. With this approach, soil loam builds naturally with roots and microbes as long as they are fed with an abundance of organic liquid nutrients.

Nutricycling organic fertilizer liquids can be applied with hoses, drip lines and fertigation ejection equipment for all farm and garden settings.