BioFarm - Oregon Greenhouse Array 1140' Sq. Ft.


This greenhouse array consists of 1140' square foot growing area within the improved greenhouse at the Roseburg OR Biofarm project.

The soilless greenhouse grow systems include 7, 20' two level Biogarden modules with tanks below an upper level of aggregate filled flood and drain grow tables. An additional 20' module has three levels, with tanks below two sets of 20' grow tables.

There are also 4, 40' grow tables set up entirely for deep water culture. Three are a single level of 120' square foot grow troughs and one Biogarden 40' unit has two sets of grow beds stacked on top of each other. The 40' modules are interconnected to two underground nutrient reservoirs that are automated to fill and drain the modules on a timer.

The deep water culture beds have fixed trays for growing lettuces and aerating plants without need for mechanical aeration. Microgreens, wheat grass, basil, mint and other plants also thrive in this deep water culture configuration.

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