Primordial Soup - Flower and Bud; Nutricycler Dry Blend


This blend of organic biomass is developed for making liquid fertilizers with the Nutricycler. Through Bioponica DIY process of extracting nutrients from biomass, this particular blend provides an NPK PPM value that is ideal for flowers, strong buds and plant growth.

This blend provides a relatively higher amount of phosphorus and lower concentration of nitrogen and other minerals, in terms of total PPM parts per million in water.

By using a ratio of 25 lb of Primordial Soup Flowering Blend, in 80 gallons of fresh water, it is possible to produce a liquid fertilizer with a total nutrients value of 5000 PPM. The final NPK value and concentration of organics, nitrates and other elements depends in part, on the operator technique and a general understanding of the Bioponica process of 'nutricycling.

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