Nutricycler 85G


Nutricycler 85G includes a 85 gallon bioreactor with stand, pumps, aerator, biofilter and plumbing.

The process of 'nutricycling' was developed by Bioponica to help growers produce inexpensive organic liquid fertizers. This sustainable approach makes it possible to recycle a variety of green biomass discards in a matter of days and convert to a plant-ready liquid fertilizer.

When operating the 85G Nutricycler with Bioponica's customized Primordial Soup starter blends, hundreds of gallons of high NPK fertilizer may be produced for hydroponics and in-ground gardens and farms, each month.

The Nutricycler 85G will produce a superior liquid fertilizer, rich with a comprehensive balance of plant-ready nitrogen phosphorus and potassium plus macro and trace minerals. Feeding plants with the extracts of plants and biomass tailored to the type of plant or growth phase, the use of organics plants benefit from a liquid fertilizer that resembles specifically what they need, including vitamins, amino acids, enzymes and hormones. What's more, soils fertilized with liquid organic nutrients, quickly colonize beneficial microorganisms and bring life to soils and vitality to soilless growing operations.

An array of Nutricycler modules are referred to as an 'NPK Brewery.' Bioponica offers 85G NPK Brewery within shipping containers and is ideally suited to hydroponic or in-ground farms with 5000-20,000 square feet growing area.


\With organic liquid fertilizers, growers can eliminate a large percentage of the costs of growing organically. Improve the soil with no-till farming by adding liquid organic nutrients, thereby improving the microbes and enhancing the condition of the soil and the growth of the plant. By eliminating the need to dry compost and heavily manage soils, growers can reduce organic farmings' greatest expense, labor. 

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