Nutricycler 5G


Nutricycler 5G with Vortex Aerator, 5G Biofilter, Biomass Tea Bags, pump, fittings with some preassembly. Customer Provides Barrel or Tank.

The kit includes 2, 5 gallon buckets designed to create a water vortex and biofiltration in order to convert biomass into a plant ready fertilizer. The process of 'nutricycling' was developed by Bioponica to help growers produce inexpensive organic liquid fertizers.

The Nutricycler 5G completes its processing, within a matter of days, when situated on top of a 55 gallon barrel or similar reservoir. When operating, Primordial Soup Nutrient Blends are placed inside the large Tea Bags and submerged in the tank. Leaching nutrients are then processed through the Nutricycler on a 24/7 basis. With 5 lbs of Primordial Soup All Purpose dry nutrients, one can create 55 gallon batches of organic liquid nutrients with NPK Fertilizer value of 200-65-150 ppm. Diluted 50% this makes for an ideal plant drench or solution for growing plants with hydroponics.


This sustainable approach makes it possible to recycle a variety of green biomass discards in a matter of days and convert to a plant-ready liquid fertilizer. With organic liquid fertilizers, growers can eliminate a large percentage of the costs of growing organically. Improve the soil with no-till farming by adding liquid organic nutrients, thereby improving the microbes and enhancing the condition of the soil and the growth of the plant. By eliminating the need to dry compost and heavily manage soils, growers can reduce organic farmings' greatest expense, labor.

 Feeding plants with the extracts of plants and biomass tailored to the type of plant or growth phase, the use of organics plants benefit from a liquid fertilizer that resembles specifically what they need, including vitamins, amino acids, enzymes and hormones. What's more, soils fertilized with liquid organic nutrients, quickly colonize beneficial microorganisms and bring life to soils and vitality to soilless growing operations.


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