Boxcar Farm with Kitchen and Container Home

container farm cafe juice bar

Boxcar Farm with Two Containers – A Kitchen-Café Car and a Container Home with Public Toilet, Private Bath and Utilities

By including cafe and container home to the Boxcar Farm facility, owner operators enjoy knowing the organic farming operation may be secure and attended to 24/7, in comfort.

The Cafe with seating has been added for serving salads, fish plates and juices or smoothies. This approach to bringing the cafe to the farm increases profits for this sustainable business by increasing the revenue for the organic farming operation and creating brand and customer loyalty. Not all food produced necessarily has to be sold through the cafe. There are other ways to increase revenue and profits with a kitchen that is used for dehydrating, canning and baking goods. The biggest advantage is that clients come to the farm, which when located in a busy urban area demonstrates sustainability in business from the retail side as well as from the methods of organic farming employed with the soilless Biogarden.

We believe the best ways to achieve sustainability in business incorporating appliances that improve produce shelf life and value. By hosting clientele on-site, the farmer green business owner spends less time marketing and leaving the organic farm to sell produce. Customers will gladly come to a farm if it serves fresh picked, organic and nutritious foods.

  • On site kitchen – practical, energy efficient appliances for preparation and serving on site.
  • Café – serving organic juices and salads. This is a model that works well as a stand alone operation. Staging a cafe on the farm is a novel way to attract business and create a buzz
  • Small retail store for selling canned goods and dry goods.

To minimize overhead cost and improve oversight of facility, a container car is included with living quarters in this configuration.

  • Small kitchen
  • Public ADA bathroom
  • Private toilet and bath with shower head
  • Office and meeting room
  • Hot water storage and heating
  • Tools storage and room for air compressor\

A Container Home is offered as an optional addition to the Boxcar Farm in order to provide onsite convenience, security and monitoring of growing operation. Providing living quarters to the organic farming operator improves value to the green business while reducing travel and carbon footprint associated with off-site living.

Bioponica customizes this container home to include

  • Private bathroom
  • Private small kitchen
  • HVAC
  • Public bathroom to support Cafe clientele
  • Boxcar Farm utility room.