Making Liquid Fertilizer; Bio-Processing Organic Matter with Vortex

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'The NPK Brewery; making liquid fertilizer from biomass - A system for biofiltration, vortex aeration and nutrient cycling;

'Bioponica‘s method, to utilize biomasses to make organic fertilizers is sustainable because it ’greens’ the fertilizer industry. And it provides plants with healthy nourishment.'

By replacing mined fertilizer salts and petroleum derived nitrogen and ammonia there becomes less of a carbon foot print and greater consideration for the environment.

With the NPK Brewery and the process of 'nutricycling', Bioponica provides growers with an ability to produce liquid fertilizers as needed and at a fraction of the cost of purchased organic fertilizers. Essentially the same biomass products that go into composts, though the process of extracting the NPK nutrients into a liquid through is much more efficient.

Fertilizer extraction through 'nutricycling', could be described as 'bio-processing' with a vortex. Our system is unique, the benefit is great and the plants love it. You'll never see more productivity through natural liquid extracts of biomasses than with chemical fertilizer or organic composts.

Plant derived and naturally balanced, the NPK nutrients are aligned with the needs of most other plants. Fertilizing plants with formulations of chemicals developed through research, still does not compare to what plants already contain. Hydroponic growing is made much easier when we don't need to measure chemical ingredients and discard chemically contaminated soils and water from the use of chemical fertilizers.

Making Fertilizer with the NPK Brewery™

The Nutricycler and fertlizer improves farming sustainability by providing nutrients to plants, microbes, fish and worms. MAKING LIQUID FERTILIZER Step One: Select Biomass Biomass is prepared from any number of sources. We prefer to start with dry blends prepared for specific NP and K ratios. Bioponica makes Primordial Soup dry mix blends for this nutricycling […] Making Liquid Fertilizer

Vortex Water Aeration

The Water Vortex Water vortex energy is represented in many areas of nature as the multidimensional golden spiral. The energy of the vortex is a life force that improves the quality of water.  It is the culmination of toroidal forces that influence all of the universe, from the cells of the body, to the rivers, […] Water Vortex Energy