Biofarmacy Portable Hemp Extraction Facililty

The BioFarmacy: A medical marijuana processing and extraction facility.

You pick the features, we build it to spec and ship it to your location.

The Biofarmacy comes complete with kitchen, cannabis extraction equipment hookup, office, work rooms and retail. The entire facility is built within one or more shipping containers.

The Biofarmacy improves the lead-time it takes to become operational with marijuana processing. While there is plenty of production and sales capacity in the budding industry, the marijuana processing is where the bottleneck is happening. That's because the challenges processing operators face are great.

Bioponica assists growers who wish to get a processing facility up, operational and permitted in a hurry. Our engineers and building designers specialize in addressing details that are specific to the restrictions and provisions that vary from state to state. We build for processing and we have integrated designs that support various sources of of equipment for CO2 extraction, rosin press and other finished goods such as hemp leaf juice.

The biggest challenge for marijuana companies that engage in processing and extraction is retrofitting an existing buildings to meet code . Bioponica's engineers and designers will customize your facility in one or two 40' shipping containers and get you up and operational quickly at a fraction of the cost. Plus your processing facility is transportable, should you wish to change locations.

Grow facility container for making organic liquid fertilizer

Shipping containers are practical housing for Bioponica's NPK Brewery. This is a novel fertilizer making system that utilizes the Nutricyler for biomass extraction. Automates process of anaerobic decomposition of biomass plus aerobic biofiltration and vortex aeration, carbon removal and mixing.