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Bioponica innovates designs in sustainable farming through research and development of techniques in soilless growing and organic fertilizer production. We provide systems, services and training for small home and larger commercial growing operations.

In 2010, Bioponica was established with the intention of applying its co-founders background experience in farming, manufacturing, healthcare and aquaponics towards  consulting and product development in the exciting new field of aquaponics.

In the course of our research, we learned that fish and aquaponics rely on fish feed is best suited for fish, not plants. Fish prefer an alkaline setting for production; plants prefer acidic.

Aquaponics, without fertilizer additives, does not deliver sufficient minerals and phosphorus to properly grow tomatoes, hemp and other heavy feeding or flowering plants. This was a disappointment because the basis of aquaponics is to create a more organic and closed loop method of hydroponics and agriculture.

Bioponica has overcome this obstacle by innovating an alternative to fish culture as a nutrient source for plant feed. By extracting nitrogen, phosphorus and minerals from biomass, an abundant source of inexpensive nutrients, the problem of fish dependency was solved.

The Biogarden grow systems are our version of soilless grow systems that accommodate carbon rich organic nutrients. The Nutricycler fertilizer making unit is a scalable device that decomposes organic matter and converts the extracted 'leachate' into a plant ready liquid fertilizer.

As a farmer and a physician, interested in sustainable plant growth and healthy nutrient consumption, we believe this is an extraordinary achievement.

The world is entirely too dependent on manufactured petrochemical ammonia fertilizers and too vulnerable to the issue of peak phosphorus. Since all plant nutrients needed, can be derived from discarded biomasses, and easily applied through liquid fertigation, it is clear to us that 'nutricycling' and 'bioponics' are a means and mechanism for achieving a more sustainable approach to organic farming.

David Epstein, D.O.

President and Co-Founder: Dr Dave is passionate about soilless growing, organic food and sustainable living. He is also a functional medicine physician specializing in nutrition and the role it plays in brain function, intestinal health and longevity. His innovative problem solving character has guided Bioponica towards its mission creating a more sustainable approach to organic farming. Other ongoing businesses founded by Dr Epstein include Second Opinion Physician, Biotype Nutrients and Earth Solutions.

david epstein d.o. physician hydroponics consultant
Kenneth Lovell P.E.

Kenneth Lovell P.E.

Co-Founder and now retired Executive VP:  Ken has been a conventional farmer for more than 40 years. His professional career was as a lead engineer in design and operation of large capacity anaerobic digesters for the waste water industry. The talent he brought to Bioponica was structural, analytical and agricultural. Presently he spends his time tending a 10,000 sq ft garden, growing heirloom vegetables for family and friends.

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