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Biomasses are the most practical means for making liquid organic fertilizer using the novel approach of nutricycling. Bioponica has developed the line of Primordial Soup Dry Blends  to simplify the process of making nutrient solutions for fertigation of soil, hydroponics or aquaponics. These nutrients are derived from materials suitable for organic certification.  They include varying concentrations of biomasses to provide varying ratios nitrogen, phosphorus and minerals (potassium) with extraction.

Primordial Soup Dry Blends are sold in 20, 40 and 55 gallon sizes. Super sack sizes are also available.  Learn more about using our Nutricycler including Biofilter and Vortex Aerator. Leachate from Priomordial Soup Blends is suitable for growing fish, algae, duckweed and in the biofiltered form, plants in hydroponic and aeroponic systems.