Sustainable Farming Consultants

Having pioneered the science of organic hydroponics growing and aquaponics plus methods of making organic liquid fertilizer from biomass, Bioponica offers support to commercial growers. We provide assistance in organic hydroponics and fertilizer making. General site facility development assistance also available.

Bioponica offers equipment for all aspects of Biogarden and Nutricycler setups. If purchasing equipment is not an option, our training and coaching will help you in developing your own custom setup from locally supplied hardware and biomasses. 

Soilless Growing Systems for Hydroponics and Aquaponics

Because most grow systems are designed for inorganic fertilizers, it can be a challenge to make the transition to organic nutrients. Our strength is in novel applications of organic hydroponics grow systems. Our Biogarden systems were designed for organic nutrients. Setup features prevent biofilms from developing within irrigation drip lines and from excess biofilm on roots. Algae is also naturally contained through the design characteristics of the Biogarden. Bioponica as a consultant will walk you through the elements needed to create a Biogarden with locally sourced materials. If your interest is in Bioponica's systems, we'll help with a custom plan to configure a system that has the features we've found most useful in creating a more sustainable growing facility.

Design a Biogarden array of Biogardens or an integrated Biofarm:

  • Build from readily sourced components
  • Include features of aggregate flood and drain, biofiltration, air layer technique for deep water, inflow and outflow "Trickle Valve" control of water filling and drainage.
  • How to manage fish and plants together
  • Skip the fish and grow from self-derived organic liquid nutrients
  • Plant varieties best suited for deep water or aggregate
  • Estimated yield per square foot
  • Square foot space optimization
  • Site configuration
  • Integration and automation of water and nutrients to beds
  • Minimizing labor, increasing efficiency
  • Adding value to finished product with on-site juicing, freezing, packaging


Organic Liquid Fertilizer Making for Soilless and In-Ground Farming

Fertilizer sourcing for in ground and for soilless grow systems is one of the most expensive considerations that is addressed in a more closed loop method through the use of 'nutricycling.' This term, developed by Bioponica embraces the use of anaerobic digestion, aerobic biofiltration and vortex mixing of water and nutrients. All materials may be supplied locally by growers recycling locally sourced nutrient rich 'biomass' materials. Never buy fertilizers again!

Convert inexpensive solid biomasses into plant-ready and microbe-ready liquid nutrients.

  • Suitable for in-ground and soilless growers
  • How to build an NPK Brewery or Nutricycler incorporating anaerobic, aerobic, biofiltration and vortex aeration components.
  • Create liquid fertilizer from biomass within 7-14 days from wet or dry biomass.
  • Skip the slow process of dry windrow composting
  • Increase speed of extracting nutrients from wet or dry biomass.
  • Discussion of materials useful in making fertilizers ranging from wood ash, grass clippings, kitchen discards, coffee grounds, brewery grains, duckweed, human urine and etc.
  • Create without manures to avoid contamination.
  • Methods, equipment and resources for determining concentration and quality of nutrients suited for aquaponics fish, hydroponics plants or for in ground soil based growing.
  • Recycling biomass solids after liquid extraction to create other value added products including dry furnace heating pellets, worm castings, earthworms and soil amendments.
  • Setup your own Vortex Aerator and Mixing system to optimize water quality