The Biogarden is the most versatile DIY aquaponics systems available. These vertically stacked soilless grow systems support organic hydroponics farming and aquaponics. Also may be used with Bioponica’s diy liquid fertilizer making system.

Choose from systems ranging from 4-10 feet in length with one or two tanks and one or two levels high.

Easy to setup and easy to operate, the DIY aquaponics Biogarden may be used for growing plants using the most common techniques, including deep water culture, flood and drain and ebb and flow. Great intro systems for schools and classrooms that use the system for studying chemistry and biology of the growing environment.

Single level beds are ideal for growing heavy feeding plants including tomatoes, kale, fruit bearing and in states where legal, medical marijuana. Multiple levels are ideal for partial sun partial shade plants such as lettuces, wheat grass and microgreens. Trellises for shading or training plants may be attached by simply placing stakes or bamboo poles inside trough corrugates of the backyard aquaponics Biogarden.

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