Bioponic Lettuce and Wheat Grass

Aquaponics systems

Bioponic lettuce and wheat grass in the Biogarden update.

Once we got the pH down from 7.5 to 6.5 everything took off. Phosphorus and iron uptake improved almost immediately and plants gained a lot of vitality and color. Flavor of lettuces is quite nice. Has a slight salty flavor. Naturally occurring salt, in biomass teas adds flavor whereas soil growing typically stays away from sodium as it is typically available in salt form which adds chlorides.

Lettuces need about 3-4 hours of sunlight each day, which they get on this first level of the the Biogarden. Mesclin is another plant that does well in shade conditions; typicaly they require only 1-3 hours of direct sunlight.

Tomatoes and peppers are placed in cups at edge of first level. When they cascade from the table I’ll stake them with bamboo.

Wheat grass is ready to harvest. Gonna have my hands full juicing this tray. 4 square feet will give about 4 lbs of grass which produces about 48 ounces of wheat grass juice.